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The Growth Goal Podcast is dedicated to helping solo and small businesses owners realize sustainable growth. Our host and guests share their stories and tips to help you move to the next level of your business.
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Aug 28, 2019

This week on the Growth Goal Podcast we have Kent Richardson of Phantom House Productions and Maximum Lawyer.

In this episode we’ll discuss tips on how to better use your video for marketing your services, tips on how to shoot better video on mobile, how to start or improve a podcast, and staying motivated and remembering your worth.


Contact Info: (Podcasting, Video Production) (Video Production for Law Firms)


Kent’s Tip:

A lot of people ask me what camera to buy. I say that if you aren’t spending at least $2000 you should go buy the newest iPhone or Android with the best available camera.


If you’re filming on smartphone, having an external smartphone mic is important, especially if the value of your content is primarily in the information being provided.


If you’re self editing I recommend iMovie for Mac users and Premiere Rush (Windows users).


Don’t be afraid to charge what its worth to others AND what it is worth to you.


Actionable Tip: Automate as much of your billing as possible. If you’re on Squarespace you can use Memberspace to set up subscription purchasing on your website. It even integrates with Stripe.


Book Recommendation:

Ego Is The Enemy-Ryan Holiday

Aug 19, 2019

This week on the Growth Goal Podcast we have Christopher Chandler of Kinnami Software.

In this episode we’ll discuss blockchain, ownership of digital files, the changing gig economy, knowing when to take a step back, and more.


Chris’ Tip:

You need to worry about how to be more efficient. The world is becoming increasingly competitive, and the only way to stay on top is to evolve with technology.

Aug 6, 2019

Blockchain is a tool that links records of dates, transactions, and other important data using cryptography. In this episode, product coach and speaker Anne T. Griffin joins us to discuss how blockchain is revolutionizing industries across the world, and the positive and negative impacts it brings.



Twitter: @annetgriffin

What Dosen't Kill You Makes You Blacker by Damon Young:

Actionable Gamification by Yu-Kai Chou:

Inspired by Marty Cagan:

Alycia's Email:

May 24, 2019

This episode features Karima Gulick, a lawyer who specializes in patent law. Her and Alycia discuss the details of establishing pattens, such as the steps one must take before approaching an attorney with an idea of a patent, and how to monetize them after doing so. They also discuss the different kinds that exist, such as utility and design pattens, and the purpose behind each.


Facebook and Twitter: @thepatentlady

Instagram: @thepatentlawyer


Alycia's Email:

May 15, 2019

Today on the podcast we have Kimberly Bennett, a business strategy attorney and founder of K Bennett Law LLC, a boutique subscription legal services law firm. We’ll discuss how subscription-based legal services proactively address problems before they become issues, how recurring revenue can help you scale and grow your business, and the superpower of knowing what you don't know.






Alycia's Email:

Kimberly’s Emails:


May 8, 2019

Dina Eisenberg joins us in this episode to discuss the huge advantage outsourcing can be to a growing law firm or small business. An underutilized and often misunderstood strategy used in business, outsourcing can help cut costs, workload, and create a better product than was previously being produced. Dina and Alycia discuss who and when to hire others, and how to create a lasting connection between client and employee. They also share how to build an efficient, compact team, and why skill is so useful.



Facebook: @OutsourceEasier

Instagram: @dinalyncheisenberg

Alycia's Email:

May 1, 2019

This episode features Jillian Todd, an attorney who works alongside her father in his law firm. Jillian discusses how she effectively collaborates with her parent to create the ideal workspace, and the the many advantages of being in her unique situation, such as having the opportunity to help shape what will become her own business. She also touches on the disadvantages, like building a name and reputation for herself that is different from her father's.


Facebook/Instagram: @josephmtoddpc


Alycia's Email:

Apr 3, 2019

Scaling and growing a law practice is just like growing any other business. In this episode we feature Teri Fields, owner of Obiorah Fields, a law firm in based out of South Atlanta. Teri and Alycia will discuss scaling a firm, expanding into new practice areas, and the unique struggles law firm owners face. She’ll explain how she maintains her mental health, manages client expectations, and some of the steps she is taking to reach her strategic goals.


Lady Lawyer Podcast: Click Here


Obiorah Fields:




Teri’s Email:


Instagram: @fieldsteri


Twitter: tfields







Mar 27, 2019

Understanding how to successfully use social media is crucial to creating and growing a successful business. In this episode, Mitch Jackson joins us to discuss the power of social networking, and how it can help one market a business and gain influence, and establish meaningful relationships through referrals. He gives personal experience on how he used these strategies to create his book, and shares some of the ideas discussed in it.

The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Business Owners, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs:



Twitter and Instagram: @mitchjackson


Alycia's Email:

Mar 6, 2019

Utilizing his background in public relations and law, Wayne Pollock founded Copo Strategies in 2016, a unique professional services firm that provides a unique blend of PR services and legal counsel for attorneys and their firms.

With social media marketing all the rage these days, it is easy to overlook traditional media sources like TV and Radio as marketing options for small businesses. In this episode, Wayne uses his experience in the PR field to teach us ways to get free news and TV coverage for your small business and how to use that attention to grow your business exponentially.


Phone number: 215.454.2180





Aug 22, 2018

Disregarding proper financing is a frequent mistake made with small businesses. In this episode, we discuss the power of reliable analytics with CEO and founder of Analytic Sherpa, Dave Giancoli. Helping small businesses track and use their data to their advantage, Analytic Sherpa individually guides each business to success. 


Phone number: 1-877-657-4377


Facebook: @AnalyticSherpa



Aug 13, 2018

While all business professionals need a certain skill set to succeed, different fields require specialized expertise. In this episode, we join master photographer Kyron R. to discuss how to grow a business from a creative perspective. Owner of DvS Photography, he shares his experience working in and operating a Photography business. From sharpening your skills to working with lawyers to avoid being taken advantage of, this episode provides great advice for any creative business professional.



Facebook: @DVSphoto

Instagram: @dvsphotos @kyronryals

Recommended book: Applied Empathy: The New Language of Leadership by Michael Ventura



Aug 4, 2018

Have you ever struggled to find reliable healthcare while traveling? To solve this problem, the company Gauze was founded. An international database with over 20,000 hospitals, Gauze helps travelers, students, and employees find quality care when they most need it. In this episode, Suzanne Garber shares her journey creating and growing her company, and it's impact on travelers around the world.


Gauze Documentary:

Facebook: @GauzeHealth

Twitter: @GauzeHealth






Jul 5, 2018

Whether she's organizing events for NBA players or prepping one of her two spaces for hosting events, Katrina Gilbert demonstrates how finding your niche and being passionate pays off in more than one way. Katrina puts a personal touch on the spaces she owns, which is how she is able to charge a premium over competitors. Listen in to learn how. Find Katrina at: Twitter- EventsByKG Website- Instagram- ka_trina Facebook- Katrina Gilbert Weddings and Events

Jun 26, 2018

Childcare consulting is complicated work. Working with state and local regulations to set up childcare facilities requires specialized guidance that Moniqueta Coats provides through her consulting firm Unique Consulting Inc. In this episode, Moniqueta discusses negotiation, starting over, and the complexities of childcare consulting.

Instagram: @__.queta.__  @start_a_daycare

Phone: 267-978-2060


Jun 19, 2018

Lexi Eveleth, owner of the custom laser cutting business Ever Laser joins us today and talks about growing her custom laser cutting business. We'll discuss Instagram, working with clients on custom work, and delegating, especially when it comes to new employees and complex tasks.

Insta: @everlaser



Jun 12, 2018

Do you work with non-profits? Today Kishna Jeantine is here to tell us exactly what grant-writing is and more about her company Exponential Growth and Development LLC. Kishna also leaves us with some crucial takeaways on how to avoid selling yourself short when first starting out.

Connect with Kishna:

Facebook/Insta: @theegrantlady


Jun 5, 2018

Welcome back to The Growth Goal podcast. On this episode CEO and Founder of The Modern Smile Tiffany Smith joins us as we discuss how she helps growing small businesses avoid some of the most common pitfalls. You can find her @TheModernSmile on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and just about everywhere else. Stay tuned!

Currently Reading:

  1. Start With Why - Simon Sinek
  2. Bold - Peter Diamandis & Steven Kotler
  3. The Artist’s Way - Julia Cameron


Apr 26, 2018

We're back! Dom Landry joins us for latest episode to discuss how small businesses can plan for greater and longer success by stretching their business plans to to 10, 20, and even 30 years.  He discusses how he did this for his own business and his clients. 

Listen all the way to the end to find out about our giveaway! 

Find Dom on social media at CGMPhilly.




Nov 27, 2017

Fran Griesing, attorney, author and speaker discusses her reasoning behind starting her woman-based business law firm and how she was able to make her firm attractive to small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike.  Her advice about establishing a strong organization is based on a love of client, employees, and the work.  

In this episode:

-How to make the most of joining organizations

-How to build a strong law practice and organization

-The pivotal moments of growth in Fran's law practice

-How your attorney can be instrumental to your growth strategy


Nov 20, 2017

In this episode, Andrea Jack of D&P Financial talks to us about the role your accountant plays in your overall growth strategy.  She breaks down the people that should be a part of our (official or unofficial) board of directors.  

Also discussed:

When is the best time to hire an accountant or bookkeeper?  

How to fire a client.

How to pay yourself.

You can learn more about Andrea at

On social media at

You can also find Andrea Jack on LinkedIn.

Andrea is reading:

4 Hour Work Week

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Blue Ocean Strategy


Nov 13, 2017

In this episode Nicole Abboud, Esq. of Abboud Media talks to us about how to use video and podcasting as part of our content mix. Nicole  is a Millennial speaker, Owner of Abboud Media - a video branding and podcasting agency for lawyers, a podcaster, former attorney, and college professor. 

She talks to us about the most popular types of videos to create and for which purposes.  She also discusses how podcasting can lend to our marketing efforts.

Nicole's reading:

Conscious Capitalism

Dollars Want Me

Nicole's new podcast: Leaders Love Company

Connect with Nicole: 

IG - Nic_abboud



Nicole's tips on networking: Nicole gives us a few quick tips on networking and her email script she sends after meeting someone.  

Oct 16, 2017

Tiffany is a recruiter for one of the largest law firms in Philadelphia.  She is also a career coach helping individuals grow and transition in their careers.  In this episode, Tiffany talks to us about how about:

1. How to know when you are ready to hire;

2. How to prepare to hire your first or next employee;

3. How to write a good job description;

4. How to interview; and

5. How to make sure your new employee succeeds.

Tiffany is currently reading: "Hollywood Commandments" by Devon Franklin and "Drop the Ball" by 

Tiffany's Podcast is "How Does She Do it" 

Tiffany's Weekly show is " The Career Seekers Show" on YouTube.

You can follow Tiffany on all social media @TiffSouth


Sep 20, 2017

We chat with Katy Stoka of One Two Lash!, inventor of the the magnetic eyelash strip.  Katy talks to us about how she invented her product.  She also speaks to us about how skills in her previous professional life helps her to grow her company.  Finally, we speak about how mindfulness and internal dialogue can help business owners deal with the stress of entrepreneurship.  


Learn more (and purchase) One Two Lash! at

You can follow One Two Cosmetics on twitter and Instagram @OneTwoLash


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